Subject: [harryproa] sailing El
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 5/12/2007, 8:23 AM

Took Elementarry for a sail with the new rudders today.  15 minutes from arriving at the ramp to ready to sail, then out into 15-20 knots.  Took it easy to start with, but everything seemed solid so went for a blast.  Worked very well.  Shunting is slow with raising and lowering rudders, but on the Transpac this will not be a problem.  For close quarters sailing, I left them both down.  The river was empty, but eventually a 29er skiff (70 kgs, 12.5 sqm sail, 2 small guys crew) came out to play.    I sailed behind them and luffed up to hard on the wind.  They were mostly overpowered (small easing of the sheet), i was way underpowered.  I could not sail through close  to leeward of them, so went into pointing mode, got behind them then scooted past, pointing higher and going faster.  They then bore away onto a reach, I did not notice for a few minutes then bore away as well.  Caught them like they were anchored.  A triumph for long and skinny over planing.
They went ashore and I noticed a hydrofoil moth up wind.  I came hard on the w ind and after a couple of tacks was gaining (much slower, but pointing higher).  He then bore away and sailed downwind.  I followed but did not have enough sail area to go as deep or as fast.  We then started reaching (breeze now 12 knots) and he left me for dead.  A triumph for foils over length.  The skiff has a little more sail and is lighter than El, the moth has 70% sail and about 40% of the weight, so it was not too embarassing.    The crew of both of them were working very hard, (the moth did a couple of spectacular crashes off the foils), I was mostly sitting there, wishing for 10 knots more breeze or a bigger main.  The rudders squeek (cheap drainpipe bearings), which will eventually drive me nuts,  but otherwise work very well.  All in all a fun way to spend an afternoon.
Next job is to chop off all the old bits of rudder tracks and fittings and see if I can make the Outleader kite work.   Stay tuned.

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