Subject: [harryproa] Fw: Sailing
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 5/16/2007, 9:15 PM
To: <>, <>

Apologies for cross posting.  This report from Rudolph on Blind Date (15m Visionarry sports).

Today we sailed BD back to Stavoren where she is berthed as long we are working on her. Last weekend the foundation had a 'kick off day' in Lelystad.
We had enough wind, 24 knots with squalls. We started with reefed jib and one reef in the main.  When the dark clouds came upon us we took the jib down as a precaution.
Eventually we put the second reef in as the squall hit us. Course was broad reach later beam reach and eventually dead downwind. We saw 13.6 knots max. on the GPS.  Last bit was dead downwind even then 11 knots. Helming is a joy, even if we were cautious not to be too brutal on the rudder.
Waves over here are very short, steep and irregular which doesn't help if you want to sail fast. We weren't looking for speed but we felt the rudder was not over stressed and we were down to minimum sail area. It was a wet ride with the bow cutting through waves that sometimes crashed into the beam.
Motion is great. I like it much better than a cat.   

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