Subject: [harryproa] Outleader kite
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 5/18/2007, 10:11 AM


Now that thge rudders are working, I finally got to try the 40 sqm kite on El today.  Not enough wind (~5-8 knots)
and the only line that was not adjustable (mast head retrieval line tied to
the top of the sail) was too long, so a couple of feet of kite dragged in
the water.  Just enough to make it hard to set.    Got one puff where it
flew.  Pretty impressive.  The water driven line retrieval system works,
will work better with a few mods this weekend.  It was great not to have
200m of line to untangle and bag. 
I did not get to try the foot cleats, nor the 1:2 purchase using the bucket in the water on the retrieval line.

In 20 knots it is going to be a blast! 


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