Subject: [harryproa] Re: Outleader kite
From: "petermirow" <>
Date: 6/7/2007, 11:58 AM

Hi Dave,

thank's for your reply.

Kitesurfers keep the hands off the lines, just as you say on the
Outleader website. They are considered a potential threat to the
kiter himself and to standers by. The fine spectra lines can come
under great loads quite suddenly and can cause nasty cuts. The
spectra lines love to get entangled around fingers and limbs. That's
what people learn when kiting, and from sensationalistic articles in
the press. At least around here.

That's why I, at first sight, would consider 60 to 90 ft of spectra
lines lying loosely on deck dangerous. I say at first sight because I
had the idea that the lines would have to be retrieved quickly in
some sort of hand-over-hand process. Actually I had no idea of how
the lines would be handled. And I certainly have a bias from surfing
kites, which seem to be quite a different sort of thing.

Not much is said about the actual operation of the kites and their
lines on the Outleader wesite. And pictures show the kite mostlyš not
the line setup.

Now I have learned about the drums to keep the lines proper and safe.
That's great development, and I'd like to know more about it. With a
properly working system like that,I'd be tempted to buy one of the
kites. In fact, I have even placed a request, but got no answer yet.

Can you indicate me a source of more information about the operation
of kites, and specially the handling of lines?

Have a nice day,


--- In, "Dave Culp" <dave@...> wrote:
> Sorry to come into this message late, but please tell me, Peter,
why you think the kitelines are
> "potentially" dangerous? (your post of 21 May) Sure, any line under
tension can have
> danger--as if it breaks, or a
> deck block gives way while your foot is in the rope's bight, but
you seem to indicate
> something else, something more.
> I don't mean to pick on you--far from it--but you are not the first
to say something like this,
> and I'm at a loss to understand the thinking behind it. Thanks!
> Dave
> (designer and builder of OutLeader kites)

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