Subject: [harryproa] Re: few more phots
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 6/8/2007, 5:49 AM

The trip from Moresby was in 1982 after completing a teaching contract.

I was up in Darwin as my wife is a high flying academic and was given
a job up there. We are back in Canberra as her old uni offered another
promotion to poach her back again. I started to get to rellay become
attached to Darwin and am still in contact with many of the people I
got to know up there. Make sure you visit the museum as you go past as
it has a lovely collection of traditional boats, including some proas
and outriggers and even a pearling lugger.
Hopefully if rob gets his tranpac going to schedule I may get to see
it on his return from Tassie after the sydney hobart cover.

--- In, Doug Haines <doha720@...> wrote:

> Thanks Robert.
> Thought you lived in Eden not Port Moresby?
> What's happening in Darwin?
> Robert <cateran1949@...> wrote:
congratulations on the development of your cruiser. Sounds like a buzz
> to sail from Perth to Cairns. Watch out for crocs and cyclones. I did
> a small trip from Port Moresby to Thursday Island in a 21 foot
> aluminium tri that I built . It was interesting and I learnt a lot
> about how much I needed to wishes on the adventure,
> Robert
> --- In, "Douglas Alexander Frank Haines"
> <doha720@> wrote:
> >
> > another few days of work to show.
> > some slight improvements like the round beam that sits along the edge
> > of the deck and takes the netting. More easy to step on with round
> > shape. Also wrap rope around. Copied from Rob's.
> > Same as fittings, except using carbon in mine!
> >
> > Wondering how to fit the outboard on.
> > Needs to let the booms swing over the top without blocking them.
> > Obviously needs to go down far enough in the water, so be best to
> > hinge it down lower than the height of the beam, but this would mean
> > needing to add some strengthdowmn from off the beam. Also triangular
> > shape beam is angled in underneath . At least its only for 2hp.
> > Easier to see when have all parts assembled. So maybe leave it to
> >
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