Subject: Re: [harryproa] Harryproa #1 For Sale
From: Roy Crandall
Date: 8/6/2007, 5:22 PM

Hi George,
I've taken up kite boarding/surfing and have lost interest in the proa.  It was orginally estimated to be built in 250 hours by a competent amateur and, I believe, is taking pros over six times that  The true number of building hours far exceeds my level of interest.  If you are interested I'll send the pictures of what I have completed, but the boat will not be around in a year.  If I don't sell it within a couple of weeks it's going in the garbage.
Thanks for your interest.
Roy Crandall

George Kuck <> wrote:
Why are you selling ? With all the work you have already put in I would think you would want to complete the project and go sailing.  If at all possible you should try to finish the boat.  I know it is a lot of work as I have built a number of boats myself including a Seaclipper 28 and TT720.  I expect you may regret selling a few years down the road !  Building boats and sailing is an addiction you never get over.  A few years after selling my Seaclipper 28 (To help finance a new house)  I then had to build another boat and built a TT720 
I am currently planning on building a Harryproa in another year, as soon as I finish the house I am working on.  My wife says I have to finish the house first !  So if you sill have boat for sale in another year I may possible consider it.   
George Kuck
Chestertown, MD

rcproaproa <> wrote:

I am the owner of Harryproa design number one and have decided to
sell what I have completed. Below is a brief description. This
offers someone the opportunity to build one of these boats relatively
cheaply and relatively quickly since many of the major parts are
ready for assembly. Please contact me only if you are seriously
interested and I'll send pictures.

Partially built 35' Harryproa:
Location: Park City, Utah
Price $7,500
E-Mail Address: or

The leeward hull is split into bottom and top halves.
Leeward hull bottom is stripped and planked and glassed inside and
Two leeward hull top halves are stripped and planked and glassed
inside and out.

The windward hull is split into right and left halves.
The windward side of the windward hull is stripped and planked and
glassed. Upper and lower halves are connected.
The leeward lower half of the windward hull is stripped and planked
and glassed inside and out.
Bunk and cockpit floor is glassed.
Seats have been stripped, planked and glassed.

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