Subject: [harryproa] Rare Bird Sailing
Date: 8/7/2007, 5:22 AM

I have just spent the last 5 days on Rare Bird, the 50' cruising proa, sailing her up to Coffs Harbour from SW Rock (35 miles) for a big clean up. She was looking pretty forlorn having sat on the mooring for over a year unused, except for the swallows who have used her for a rookery. The will (diseased estate) is being sorted so she can now be listed with a broker to sell. She looks her old self again.
The sail up was fairly slow with light winds on the nose but the trip back was a blast. It started off light but got up to 15 knots from the west giving us 15 knots of boat speed. She is a delight to sail and a lot of fun. I had a very impressed Australian Multihull journalist onboard so a test article is coming. His wife was even more impressed (she wants one).
I took a video camera so see the results at . Lousy resolution but you get the idea. Faster sailing is towards the end.
Mark Stephens .

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