Subject: [harryproa] Rare Bird Sailing
From: Mike Crawford
Date: 8/7/2007, 9:39 PM

  Fifteen knots in fifteen knots of wind?  In Rare Bird?  Holy moly!

  Very impressive, Mark and Rob.  I've enjoyed watching Rare Bird going from planks to a finished yacht, but have always assumed it would be somewhat of a dog on the water.  Not slower than the average monhull, mind you, but nowhere near the potential of the Visionarry Sport design.  Given the extra weight in Rare Bird, I doubted it could approach wind speed. 

  I can't wait to see what Blind Date can do.  Please do post videos when available.

  I'll also add my name to the list of people who are excited about the KSS developments.  While it's going to be many years before I have the time to strip plank a boat large enough for the open water and then fair it, the KSS designs should bring the project within reach.  To lower the cost of entry even further than it has already been lowered is quite a feat.

       - Mike wrote:
> I have just spent the last 5 days on Rare Bird, the 50' cruising proa, sailing her up to Coffs Harbour from SW Rock (35 miles) for a big clean up. She was looking pretty forlorn having sat on the mooring for over a year unused, except for the swallows who have used her for a rookery. The will (diseased estate) is being sorted so she can now be listed with a broker to sell. She looks her old self again.

> The sail up was fairly slow with light winds on the nose but the trip back was a blast. It started off light but got up to 15 knots from the west giving us 15 knots of boat speed. She is a delight to sail and a lot of fun. I had a very impressed Australian Multihull journalist onboard so a test article is coming. His wife was even more impressed (she wants one).

> I took a video camera so see the results at . Lousy resolution but you get the idea. Faster sailing is towards the end.

> Mark

> ...................................
> Mark Stephens .

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