Subject: RE: [harryproa] Re: Rare Bird Sailing
Date: 8/7/2007, 8:14 AM

She is. The most pitch stable boat I've known. No rocker means very little rocking and she seems very stable laterally. The windward hull is being damped by the forces on the rig, a bit like riding a flying carpet. Having claimed that I must say I've never ridden a flying carpet.
Speaking of comfort, the journo I had aboard had a very nice fish eye lens so we could take some good interior shots. I've never managed any decent inside photos up till now. We'll put them on the web site soon.
Mark Stephens
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Looked remarkably comfortable,
--- In, <mark@...> wrote:
> I have just spent the last 5 days on Rare Bird, the 50' cruising proa,
> sailing her up to Coffs Harbour from SW Rock (35 miles) for a big
clean up.
> She was looking pretty forlorn having sat on the mooring for over a year
> unused, except for the swallows who have used her for a rookery. The
> (diseased estate) is being sorted so she can now be listed with a
broker to
> sell. She looks her old self again.
> The sail up was fairly slow with light winds on the nose but the
trip back
> was a blast. It started off light but got up to 15 knots from the west
> giving us 15 knots of boat speed. She is a delight to sail and a lot
of fun.
> I had a very impressed Australian Multihull journalist onboard so a test
> article is coming. His wife was even more impressed (she wants one).
> I took a video camera so see the results at
> . Lousy resolution but
you get
> the idea. Faster sailing is towards the end.
> Mark
> ...................................
> Mark Stephens .
> <>
> d=2723/stime=1186435451/nc1=3975891/nc2=2/nc3=3>

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