Subject: Re: [harryproa] Re: Rare Bird Sailing
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 8/10/2007, 8:07 AM

On 8/10/07, Todd <> wrote:

Sure the reverse sheer is something to get used to. .8 pc is pretty
great. Looks to me the bow gets depressed a few inches from the top
towards the end of the video clip. I like the piercing ability. Just
looks low on the water over all. I counted 12 times on the video of
the rear rudder brace stuffing in the waves before camera panned

Obviously the rudder set up is draggier than if it was in the hull.  However, the advantages of no holes in the hull, kicking up, lifting up, seeing when weed is on it, outweigh the little bit of extra drag, for cruising.  Solitarry has the rudders on the beams.  If this works as well as it does on Elementarry, we will look at putting them on all the bigger boats. 


I was referring to 5 to 7degrees of heeling or more and with the
leeward hull allready buried the boat seemed to be almost at its
limit. Pitching is not what i'm looking for . My opinion with proas
you can over power a hull with out great pitching right to the edge
then oops over you go.

I find there is a fair bit of time before flying a hull becomes a capsize.  It is difficult to tell, but the windward hull looks to be showing about 6"/150mm of antifouling, of which about 2"/50mm is boottop.  That hull draws 12"/300mm so there is a fair bot to go before it flies.

I'd like to see them with out exterior appendages and sit a little
higher in the water at speed.

Me too on the appendages, wait till you see Solitarry!  Sitting higher just means more windage, assuming it is not burying the bow.  Be interesting to find out where the limits lie.  Latest A class cats have bows which come to a point at the waterline, when viewed from the side.  Apparently they are doing well.
Rolling?  No different to a similar size cat.  Need to try it out in some big beam seas, but no reason why it should be a problem.


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