Subject: [harryproa] Re: Top Speed
From: "Todd" <>
Date: 8/11/2007, 10:10 PM

In my reality the righting moment would have to be there before the

Just experience with proas tell me that with a relativly light high
volume leeward hull the speed and comfort would be dependent on
weight to windward 40l/60w . Which would effect ride height and
speed with out the weight no power excessive heel. More weight to
windward less heel more power / driving force. Seems pretty basic .
Maybe the majority is happy just assuming its performnce. Lot of
comparison with catamarans. I think its a totally different beast.

Won't really bother posting anymore, wish granted. Don't really know
who's fleecing who anymore. Nice way to go and do busniess.


--- In, Paul Nudd <paulnudd@...> wrote:
> Quoting Rob Denney <harryproa@...>:
> > Top speeds? Who knows, but they are a lot higher than I thought
> > were
> > before seeing the video. Rare Bird's mast could be stiffer and
> > sails
> > could be improved significantly. Lift a rudder on a broad reach
> > it would hit 20 pretty easily, and Blind Date should not have
> > trouble
> > doing 25 based on the weight difference. Add some waves and a
crew in
> > a
> > hurry and who knows what the top speed might be. Hope I am on
> > the day
> > we find out!!
> -----------------------------------------
> In the real world top speed is limited by hull length.
> XL2 at 38' appears to have a top speed of 27 knots (Rob was on
> when we did it in 1993).
> My estimate is a 40' hull can do 30 knots and a 50' hull can do 35
> What is more significant is how easily the vessel can achieve its
> speed or something near it.
> XL2 (catamaran) can very easily exceed 20, often gets to 25 but
> once achieved an instantaneous 27.4.
> A 50' lee hull should have a top speed around 35 and the harryproa
> configuration should make it fairly easy to get up there close to
the max.
> Rob will want to be up there but I imagine most harryproa owners
will be
> happy to frequently hit 25.
> PN

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