Subject: [harryproa] Top Speed
From: Paul Nudd
Date: 8/11/2007, 5:02 PM

Quoting Rob Denney <>:

> Top speeds? Who knows, but they are a lot higher than I thought they
> were
> before seeing the video. Rare Bird's mast could be stiffer and the
> sails
> could be improved significantly. Lift a rudder on a broad reach and
> it would hit 20 pretty easily, and Blind Date should not have much
> trouble
> doing 25 based on the weight difference. Add some waves and a crew in
> a
> hurry and who knows what the top speed might be. Hope I am on board
> the day
> we find out!!
In the real world top speed is limited by hull length.
XL2 at 38' appears to have a top speed of 27 knots (Rob was on board
when we did it in 1993).
My estimate is a 40' hull can do 30 knots and a 50' hull can do 35 knots.
What is more significant is how easily the vessel can achieve its top
speed or something near it.
XL2 (catamaran) can very easily exceed 20, often gets to 25 but only
once achieved an instantaneous 27.4.
A 50' lee hull should have a top speed around 35 and the harryproa
configuration should make it fairly easy to get up there close to the max.
Rob will want to be up there but I imagine most harryproa owners will be
happy to frequently hit 25.

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