Subject: Re: [harryproa] Re: Rare Bird Sailing
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 8/11/2007, 10:08 AM

Glad you liked the video. A higher, _stiffer_ mast, it could have gone faster as there is plenty of righting moment in reserve, shown by the ww hull barely lifting above it's antifoul.  Same stiffness, probably slower as the top of the sail is not doing much at the end of the video.
Top speeds?  Who knows, but they are a lot higher than I thought they were before seeing the video.  Rare Bird's mast could be stiffer and the sails could be improved significantly.  Lift a rudder on a broad reach and it would hit 20 pretty easily, and Blind Date should not have much trouble doing 25 based on the weight difference. Add some waves and a crew in a hurry and who knows what the top speed might be.  Hope I am on board the day we find out!!
No polars as yet as there are too many variables to compute them with my level of knowledge and we have not done enough sailing in them yet,

On 8/11/07, pontualm <> wrote:

Hi Rob & Mark,

I really liked the Rare Bird video - way more impressive than its
previous sailing video. Please add more if you have extra video
footage. It would be interesting to see Blind Date sailing as well -
for comparison purposes.

I have a question about masts. In a past e-mail Rob mentioned that the
standard mast height for the Visionarry was (is?) 20m, however,
checking the brokerage section of the site, it is written there that
Rare Brid has a 17m mast.

With a taller mast, in that same ocean X wind conditions, do you think
the boat would be going faster or slower (because the mast would be
probably bending more)?

I also wonder what would be the top speed for the Visionarry Sport and
Cruiser. Do you have Velocity Prediction Curves for them?


(a quiet forum follower from Brazil - temporarily in the UK)

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