Subject: [harryproa] Doug's movements
From: Doug Haines
Date: 8/31/2007, 1:24 AM

Rob (and anyone interested),
I was waiting for some weather wuindow this week to relaunch SIDECAR, and although a nice few days look to be coming up I am now stiff in the back from sleeping in some cold nights, 3-4 degs, in the tent at Maylands (boat Yard). Hopefully I will straighten out, and be able to handle the padlle (my version of auxilliary power), and mast raising (my very heavy fibreglass and timber masts), and general effort of launching. Been looking forward to sailing with the new narrower beam and aft placed rudders, plus tensioned more flexible battens too, since leaving for Singapore and now being back. It's been quite a while since taking it out after the 3 week trip up and down the coast I did.
Still planning for a December or Jearly January departur3e round the top. I found  a web site called tidesend selling cheap chart copies, so thats one problem sorted out. The new roof shelter should also make the trip much easier. Sorry no photos lately as camera been stolen!
Hoping to meet up with Rob for a sail around on the Swan river in Perth as I make my way back down the coast from Perth to Mandurah.
I am as surprised as anyone at the initial momentum gathering of the Harryproa. Unlike its own performance. I was keen to be "one of the first"  harryproa owners since I read the articles in 2003. The articles were enough to convince me.
Personally after biulding with epoxy for about 7 years on and off I am no longer considering a career in building these boats. Although KSS sounds improved. I really can' t bear the thought of working with anymore chemical substances, Perhaps in 5 years I 'll feel up to making a another bigger HP. Shame, because it is good fun building. First timers or seasoned builders should keep their health as proirty number one. 

Rob Denney <> wrote:

For some people the building of the boat is more important than the sailing.  For others, the reality of life on board does not match the expectation.  In Bain's case, he just needs the cash.  As for reports on others, the finished boats I know of arre as follows:

The first one we built is in Maine.   We ended up spending almost as much on it as he did, but he still felt ripped off.  Consequently, he does not talk to us.  2nd hand information is that the boat does everything he wanted (which was a big ask as he wanted to use it as a ferry boat out to boats in the bay, as well as a fast cruiser).
The second one we built was Rare Bird. The owner died, boat is for sale, the video tells all we know about it's sailing ability at this stage.
The third one we built was my Elementarry, sails and handles very well, but needs the last 5% of preparation before it will win any races.  I lent it to someone last week who discovered a way to break a rudder, the replacement (much more elegant, and similar to what is going on Blind Date and Solitarry) will be finished this week.  I have finally learnt how to download and handle photos so there should be some available once it is finished.
The 4th one was another Elementarry, which is for sale as the owner wants a Harry.  As far as I know it sails well and does everything he wanted.
The  others that are actually sailing are:
Bain's, which we are trying to get a report on.
Blind Date which is catching up on all the sailing commitments and is out regularly.  It sails well, but they want to build new rudders over the winter, so are taking it easy so they don't break the ones they have. Jan is on this list, may write something about his experiences so far.    Rudolph, who built it, is going to build a Solitarry for personal use.
Doug's boat which goes back in the water tomorrow, and will be setting off on a trip round Australia this summer.  Doug's comments on how it sails are on this list.
My original Harrigami, with a longer leeward hull is in Cairns, Australia.  The mast is in, but Aaron is settling in to a new life and business so progress is slow.

I think that is everyone, the rest are still under construction.  Anybody I have missed, please let us know.

So, unfortunately, there is still not a lot of feedback available. 


Bain's boat, which

On 8/26/07, George Kuck <> wrote:
Hello Mark, 
I can't imagine how anyone could sell a boat in less than a year after it was launched, with all the time and energy put into constructing the boat !  I thought Bain  had plans to sail it to New Zealand, what happened ?   Can you find out more about his experiences sailing the boat and how it performed ?  Did it live up to his expectations of how it would sail and handle or was he disappointed and did not think it was suitable for sailing to New Zealand ? 
It would also be nice to have some followup reports and sailing photos from other owners of Harryproa's.  There seams to be a lot of reports and links to  owners during construction but the reports seam to abruptly stop as soon as the boats are launched !  Perhaps a friendly letter from you or Rob to the current owners of Harryproa's requesting feedback on the boats and pictures or movies would help.  
George Kuck
Chestertown, MD 
Bain mentioned the other day he is planning on some sailing photos soon as he is putting the boat up for sale . He needs cash for another enterprise (non boat). Another well known member of this group is seriously interested. I understand the price is yet to be determined.
Mark Stephens
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Sent: Saturday, 25 August 2007 8:11 PM
Subject: [harryproa] Re: Bain's Harry

-I was looking at the pics of Bain's Harry and was once again
impressed by the simplicity and elegance of the boat. When will we
have some sailing pics?

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