Subject: Re: [harryproa] Proa movie
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Date: 10/18/2007, 8:31 PM

Thanks.  The boat floats level at rest.  Rare Bird has a more voluminous windward hull (1m longer, no rocker and the covered saloon/under cover steering station.  RB also has twin engines and less tramp/more solid area on the bridgedeck.  The rigs are the same, although BD has a stiffer mast.   RB is half a ton or so heavier (3 t vs 2.5). 



On 10/18/07, carlos Solanilla <> wrote:

Very nice!!! congrats!!!
I had one question regarding the windward hull - it seemed to be floating higher than the leeward one in the last part of the video - but I also saw most of the people sitting close to or on the leeward hull - are there differences between rare bird and blindate?

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Subject: [harryproa] Proa movie


Apologies for cross posting. 
There is a video of Blind Date  (first 15m/50' harryproa launched) sailing in Holland at http://www.zeilenme NL/onderZeilFlas h.html  
This is the boat built to take blind people sailing.  

There are some saliing pctures at http://mail. mail/ including one of the instruments showing 8 knots in 8 knots apparent.



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