Subject: [harryproa] Re: "Tropic-Harry"
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 10/23/2007, 3:37 AM

Hi Carlos
The cabins are already pretty well ventilated with a hatch above the
cabins. The only things I'd change for the tropics are a couple of
opening ports on the ww side, a decent collapsible bimini over the
seats on the leeside of the ww hull, shading of the windows and
hatches and some fans. Possibly also, I'd have a hatch on a bevel on
the inward side of the ww hull so I could fish from the galley.
I agree that they should be excellent boats for the tropics,
especially for their maneuverability under sail, shallow draught with
kick up foils, little to corrode and a rig that can weather-cock if
hit by a sudden squall.

--- In, "Carlos Proa"
<carlosproacarlos@...> wrote:
> Rob:
> I was looking at your world map and it occurred to me that a Tropical
> Harry Proa would be a great design for the caribbean charter business.
> With the new building method maybe there is a market for inter-island
> charter or even home building for those wanting to sail from the US
> into the Caribbean. With the first baby boomer filing for retirement
> benefits - the market for the typical 2 years Caribbean cruise market
> is going to get crowded. For the most part people will buy a poject
> Monohull on the 48 - 45 ft range for about $40K - $60K and they refit
> it with another $20K of materials prior to their first jump to the
> Bahamas.
> I bet you if you can redesign your harry to have airy accomodations
> and keep the cost and time of building down using the KSS method, you
> can probably start the proa boom in the USA.

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