Subject: Re: Pics
From: Mike Crawford
Date: 2/21/2008, 11:34 AM


  I'm glad you're doing it.  I always seem to be two to five years away from a proa, so it's great to see people working with the design in the meantime.

  This year was originally the time I was going to make the leap, but my wife and I decided to build a new house, so that is making a huge dent in the boat fund.  Our catamaran was also hit by lightning last October, and while insurance is thankfully covering most of the damage, the rest still isn't cheap.  I had no idea how much electronic equipment we'd installed over the years.

  If I'd gotten a harryproa in 2005, I would have gotten a Visionarry.  But as I see what you, Bain, Johnny Richards, Jan Schippers, and Rob/Mark have been doing, my perspective changes.  Everyone approaches the design from a slightly different angle, and it's great to see the different interpretations.

  Now I'm probably more likely to go with something like Paul Nudd suggested a while back: a Harry or stretched Harry with a schooner rig.  90% of our time on the boat is daysailing, and the other 10% doesn't venture much further, so a Visionarry would probably be overkill.  It's easy to be seduced by big, pretty boats, but seeing people cruise with much less is a great reminder of how little one actually needs.

  I'm also grateful for all the work that you and the others have done with testing and fine-tuning.  I'm particularly excited about the new rudder developments, as well as the introduction of the KSS method.  By the time we're actually ready to get a new boat, it looks like all the big questions will have been answered.

       - Mike

Doug Haines wrote:
I first started with a little bit of sailing, then started building, now I'm a bit over building and sailing though I want to sail this one around the place and then make another kick ass big beast - just taking time to accomplish.

Mike Crawford <> wrote:

  You've really done a great job with that boat. 

  Most of the people on the various proa forums, including myself, are full of theories that they're more than happy to share with the world, but have little or no actual experience.  There are darn few people like you who actually go out and do it.  And you're not just daysailing around the harbor either, but actually going places.

  While others have said this before, I still have to agree: you deserve a lot of respect for what you're doing.  Good show.

       - Mike

Douglas Alexander Frank Haines wrote:
> Just some funny ones threading the haliard down the mast using the
> bridge walkway.
> Doug

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