Subject: [harryproa] Re: Changes
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 3/7/2008, 3:39 AM

It is sad to hear but can understand. I thought the tension and
cooperation were a good and productive coordination, but not always
easy. It must be a little frustrating for Mark to have to design for
all those extra sailing loads and subsequent weight, but the regular
money and lack of dealing with sticky stuff would compensate.
I may be interested in helping on the website but am not sure if I
have the skills,

--- In, "Rob Denney" <harryproa@...> wrote:
> G'day,
> Mark and Michele have left harryproa. A more or less amicable split,
> neither of us liked the way the others were doing things, so decided
it was
> time to move on. Mark is now designing and selling catamarans for
> Multihulls, I remain designing and selling harryproas. I wish them both
> well. Michele is removing their contact details from the web page and
> closing the bank account, but all enquiries from now on should be
sent to me
> at harryproa@...
> The good news is that I am now free to pursue my main aim, which is
to get
> harryproas sailing and work on further simplifying the build technique,
> where there is a lot happening. Anybody with incomplete plan sets
> let me know and i will get the missing pages to you as soon as
possible. I
> have almost completed the amateur built mast plans including a novel
join so
> they can be reliably built in two pieces and the new beam mounted rudder
> plans are available for Elementarry. They will be available for the
rest of
> the designs as soon as testing them on Blind Date is complete, hopefully
> early this northern summer.
> The bad news is that Michele is not updating the web page any more and
> there is 8 months of progress to report. I am a bit busy getting
> everything sorted out, including an excting, very light and cheap to
> 18m 4 cabin harry and a live aboard 20m version (which makes 6
harrys over
> 18m/60' currently under construction) so if anyone is interested in
> out with the web page, please let me know.
> The other bad news is that with so much going on, I have not had
time (or
> money, bust ups are expensive in both) to get Solitarry completed. The
> hulls and decks are sitting on the Gold Coast after the brand new, very
> expensive, slightly overloaded ;-) trailer fell apart on the way up
> Coffs to Brisbane. Consequently, no Solo Transpac this year, but
there is
> another one in 2010, so that is the new target, with launching as
soon as
> possible. More on this as it happens.
> As Dan mentioned, there is an article by Mark Giles in the latest
> World magazine on the launch and first sails of Blind Date. Gilesey was
> suitably impressed. A smoother ride than a cat, his seasick prone
wife now
> wants one, very fast, serious contender in the cruising market,
cheaper than
> a 10m cat, all the benefits from the web page, etc. There is also an
> article on Mark's first cat design and some interesting articles.
Cost for
> overseas is $Aus20 including air postage from info@... or ph
> 61) 7 55938187. Easiest way to pay is by credit card.
> regards,
> Rob

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