Subject: [harryproa] Re: Changes
From: "rattus32" <>
Date: 3/18/2008, 4:23 PM

Hi Rob,

--- In, "Rob Denney" <harryproa@...> wrote:
> 2) The lack of videos is a function of the cost and hassle of getting
> them. Jan on Blind Date will be working on that this summer.

FWIW, I captured and traslated the Flash "Under Sail" video on the Blind Date website into
an .mp4 video to watch with Quicktime - and likely other h.264-based viewers - on my
machine. It's very high quality and fun to watch.

I'd be happy to share the file with anyone here who'd like it - and trust Jan Schippers
wouldn't mind a bit of extra publicity!

Drop me an email if you'd like it.



BTW, I'd bet the YouTube Rare Bird video is available somewhere in a higher resolution
form somewhere - would be happy to translate to another format and distribute if you
have it.

> 3) People can be entirely confident when they hand over their money.
> The boats are well engineered and sound. Any tension that was in the
> business has been dissipated by two of the three people leaving. It
> is now a one man band, with all the pluses and minuses this involves.
> The business is also sound. It now has near zero outgoings (web page
> rent is about all, I do not need to make any money from it except to
> fund my next iteration of the design) and I have poured heart and soul
> (and a lot of money) into harryproas for 10 years, so am definitely
> not going anywhere just as they start to become popular.
> Hope this puts your mind at rest. If you do read this, please return
> and participate in the forum, I would like to discuss this with you
> some more.
> regards,
> Rob

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