Subject: [harryproa] Re: Hoyt rig
From: "proaconstrictor" <>
Date: 3/25/2008, 12:23 AM

> I like the fancy lug rig but am not sure about the airflow over the
> lee side when the mast is to lee. It looks like a great big bump
> the air to go over, especially in stronger winds.

Slot effect! :) The sail doesn't touch the boom so the only issue
is whether even with the spa Tutu there is enough of an eddy there to
blow the attachment to the sail, and since we didn't see much wind,
it really wasn't resolved in that video.

I think I prefer
> something more like the wind surfer rigs with a front edge
> from small plastic triangles in front of the mast. I can't really
> any advantage over a balestrom rig with a gaff.

I certainly see some advantages over the B. on non-proas, I'm not
sure this thing will even work on a proa, not fully sure the bottom
boom can be tensioned.

I have been thinking
> of having top and bottom ballestrom type booms to allow squaring of
> the top of the foresail. On the Hoyts rig, tHe stress of those right
> angle bends would cost a bit of weight.

Absolutely right. The one thing is that square sails do not require
the Titanic shaping loads that triangles do, or the same rig height.
Therefore while the offset loads are not something I would embrace
normally, perhaps there is a scale difference that would make up for
it. Also I am thinking mostly of the low resistance cruising role
Rob first set out. I don't know if this rig will ever work in the
most competitive events.

> Robert--- In, Mike Crawford

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