Subject: Re: [harryproa] HARRYPROA Extended to 13M
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 3/26/2008, 7:21 AM


Looks good. The bump on the ww side is a great idea, makes it a lot
more roomy and keeps the water off the cabin. The early prototypes
had this (not quite as elegant looking), took it off for the first pro
built one (serving double duty as a sail boat and a ferry boat in
Maine) and never put it back. Suspect it will reappear in a few
designs from now on.

Knocking 5'/1.5m off the length will reduce speed and seakindliness a
little, but better to have a slightly slower boat that fits in the
marina than no boat at all. As long as the weight is kept down, it
should still perform pretty well, wil be interesting to compare it to
the Visionarry's.



On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 6:37 AM, jjtctaylor <> wrote:
> I uploaded a concept layout for an extended HP to 13M. (HARRYPROA EXNTENDED
> The design is intended to satisfy coastal cruisers in areas not so mild as
> AUS. The intent
> is to have comparable or better interior roominess to a 30ft mono, while
> delivering the
> spirited performance of the HP design.
> It extends the "extended" design with the WW hull at 30.1 feet and leeward
> hull at 42.65
> feet (13M). Fit it altogether with the beam at 22.5 feet. See sketch, in
> the FILES area of
> the group site.
> Major changes is bump out toward WW side to gain some interior space and
> raise hull
> height on WW hull by 6.75 inches, to keep 6ft+ headroom. Enclosed the
> seating area for a
> true salon, albeit small.
> I show two closed cabins, one is ensuite with head. The other has a
> washbasin. The
> berths are more than generous, almost queen sized. The cabin with washbasin
> still has
> some modest encroachment under the salon seat for legroom. The ensuite has
> no
> problem.
> Without gaining even more length & beam it will be challenged for walking
> space thru
> salon and galley. I don't see it as a problem, but appreciate input and
> suggestions.
> Anyway hopefully a good talking paper to a get a decent cruiser under a
> modest budget,
> while still having a reasonable set of comforts.
> I think the lines still look clean but may be wrong in my opinion. Thanks
> for any
> comments and suggestions !
> Regards,
> JT

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