Subject: [harryproa] Tons of questions
From: "gardner.pomper" <>
Date: 3/30/2008, 10:41 PM


I have been searching the net for everything I can find on the
harryproas. They look VERY interesting, but there is very little hard
info, so I thought this group might be the best place to start.

I think that I am most interested in Visionarry, although it might be
a bit above my price range, but let me start with some general
questions (if i put all my questions in, the post would be too long
for anyone to read).

I am curious about the rotating mast. How susceptible is that to
binding, or sea salt crusting, etc? If you are subject to alot of sea
spray and have limited fresh water, what is the maintenance required?

Again with the mast.. none of the harryproas seem to have any safety
equipment to keep you on the boat for when you need to reef in heavy
seas. THat leeward hull looks pretty narrow.

I am not clear on the position of the mast when you reef. Is it
pointing perpendicular to the proa? You can't reach it then. Or are
you supposed to turn the boat into the wind, like a "normal" cat?
Doesn't that take the risk of the wind getting behind the sail and
then the leeward hull becomes the windward hull, making the boat
easier to capsize? Can someone explain the boat handling a little more?

Are there any harryproas in the water on the east coast of the US that
I might actually see one in person?

I have seen mention of a stay on the mast, but also that it is
freestanding. Is the stay optional? Can the mast still rotate 360
degrees with the stay? Are there any stops on how far the mast can
rotate, or can you just keep turning it in the same direction endlessly?

For very light airs, can you easily rig some sort of downwind sail?
Genniker, cruising spinaker, etc?

I have seen very little on the actual sailing speed of Blind Date (the
only boat I have heard that does frequent sailing). Has a polar
diagram been created? Or at least anecdotal readings of speed under
different points of sail, with different wind speeds and sea states?

What is the underwing clearance (Visionarry and Harryproa)

Finally, a big one. I will never have the time/talent to build a boat.
I have seen the stated materials costs for Visionarry ($80K AU) and
build time (4500 hours). How does this translate into a budgetary
number to see if I should even be looking at this boat? Assuming I am
willing to get it built anywhere that does excellent work, can I jst
multiply 4500 hours times $xxx/hr + $80K AU and get a number? What
would $xxx/hr be?

Thanks very much. I must warn you that if someone replies to this, I
am likely to post more questions <grin>

- Gardner

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