Subject: [harryproa] Another harryproa tragic
From: "Tim Barker" <>
Date: 3/31/2008, 4:10 AM

Hi all
Just like to say g'day , i've been wandering around this site and a
few other multihull sites for a few years but gradually have been
coming back more and more often to this and other proa based sites.

Have been exchanging a few emails with Rob and will be going ahead
with a 15mtr ww/ 12 mtr lw hull model based on a scaled down version
of the charter Proa with all the living areas on the one (saloon )
level and only storage and tankage in the ww hull (2x pipe cots in the

Hope to start the build early next year (after the wet season in far
north Queensland) and have a shell by the end of the year, but of
course this may end up being wildly optimistic time will tell.

The plan is that once its built my working life will come to a
screeching halt and family and i will sail off into the sunset and
live happily ever after.We hope!

So you will all hear a fair bit from me in the coming months as i hope
to start taking in the discussions and hopefully ill learn a thing or two.

Cheers Tim

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