Subject: Re: [harryproa] Electric drive for Harryproa
From: George Kuck
Date: 4/3/2008, 11:29 AM

Hello Rob
Will you be designing beam mounted rudders for the 12 m Harryproa ?  I do like the aesthetics of the boat with rudders on the hull but if it works better on the beam then that will have to be done. Do you know anything about the "E-Jet" ? The web sight did not seem to have much details (in English anyway) and I believe I have heard negative things about the company recently in the electric boat forum.  It may be that it is only a concept motor design at this time and not yet in production, but it does look like a neat motor.  I wonder how expensive it is and when it will be available ?  The Re-E-Power looks good and it is in production in the US so the company would be easier for me to deal with.
Have a nice day and good sailing,

Rob Denney <> wrote:

Blind Date is getting an electric motor this winter.  The 66'ter in Portugal and the 60' charter boat are both planning on having them as well. 

Putting them on the rudders solves the two way problem and gives amazing maneuverability.  Would only need one if it was powerful enough.   No real drawings yet, but the principle is a sleeve that slides up and down on the rudder blade with the motor attached to it.  Lift it clear of the water when not in use with a block and tackle, ease the rope to lower it.  Much cheaper and more reliable than the African Cats system.   Kicks up on impact and very accessible for clearing ropes and stuff off the prop.    Also (smug grin) not usable by boats without beam mounted rudders. 

Another version is the e jet 



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