Subject: Re: [harryproa] Re: Concept for Liveaboard 55
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 4/3/2008, 11:34 PM

> These new designs make it impossible to dismount I would think

They are all demountable.

I really, really like my visibility from the helm, so I
> am worried about having the
> > cabins and heads all at deck level.

There is a 400mm/16" step between the cabin floor and the bridgedeck,
so there is all round vision from the helm while standing, or with an
elevated chair.

> >
> > I tried putting this layout onto the Visionarry hulls, but I expect
> that they would not carry
> > the payload, but I am trying to keep this as small (read affordable)
> as possible, so I just
> > went halfway between the 50' and 60' ideas mentioned in the group.
> To keep the hull
> > shapes simple (cheaper), I just needed a 5' width in the ww hull for
> queen bunks (I want

5' wide hulls are fine, as long as the waterline is kept narrow.
Nothing less than 12:1 length to waterline beam. Once you know your
boat weight, this can be tweaked accordingly. Adding another 5'/1.5m
is a very cheap exercise.

> >
> >
> > I would love to get feedback on this. I am particularly interested
> if I can get away with a
> > single mast (height off the water must be < 65 feet) and if the boom
> will hit the hardtop.
> > Also, are the hulls the right size (approx).

It is great that you are getting your ideas on paper. It all looks
possible to me at first glance. The devil is often in the detail, and
this shows up with 3d drawings. I will do some of these when I get a
moment. Please remind me in a couple of weeks if I have not done
them. Possible mast height depends on speed required and weight.
Rare Bird's mast is a little under 18m/60' so 65' should not be a
problem for you. The booms can be raised to clear the hardtop. Hull
size will depend on the weight. Start making lists of what you want
on the boat and what it weighs and costs and we can work from there.


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