Subject: [harryproa] brushless electric drive, some links
From: sigurd grung
Date: 4/4/2008, 10:56 AM

hello, you'd want a smallish drive if you're going to put it all under water.

This is a small ~4kW (if you can cool it) brushless: TM685 at
about 80mm dia IIRC and 4k-7k RPM@peak power
Here is an outboard using that motor, 2-2.5kW max:
It uses a copper alloy stator holder and an alu house. I wanted to try improving the power by use of heat pipes - but maybe it makes more sense to make a longer motor.

planetary gears

There are a few homebrew controllers for "large" BLDC motors, spawned from the RC world.

IMO the neatest would be a horiz. foil on each rudder and have them flap up and down for propulsion. But a propeller would probably also do the job so best of luck with the ruddermounted drive.

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