Subject: Re: [harryproa] Elementarry questions
From: George Kuck
Date: 4/4/2008, 9:16 PM

Hello, Gardner,  I am glad to see interest if Harryproas on the Chesapeake.  It would be nice to have a number of them being built and sailing on the bay.  Are there any others in this group on the Chesapeake ?
You will get more wind in the spring and fall and even in summer the wind can change on the Chesapeake.  I have been sailing on the Chesapeake for over 45 years and although the wind is frequently light and variable especially in the morning in the summer it can change quickly.
What part of the bay do you plan on sailing on ?  If you are in the upper Chesapeake near Worton Cr on east side of bay stop by.    I will be putting my boat (TT720) back in water  in the next 2 or three weeks so that I can take advantage of the good winds in May and June. This is really the best time to sail on the Chesapeake.  July and Aug. are usually hot and light wind.  Then it picks up in Sept., Oct., and Nov. 
I will be building replacement outer float hulls for my trimaran and plan on using the KSS method, if you are interested in this you can see it first hand when I start building them later this summer.  So far I have only made some test panels to test out the process,  I am still working out the details.  I am using these hull to get the process down before building a Harryproa.
Your Idea of using the "Ballestron" rig like the larger Harryproas sound to me to be a good Idea but I wander what Rob thinks and why it has not been done ?  If you also used the same type of rudders that swing around it should be easier to sail I  would think.  You could even put in a small wheel and have a miniature version of the larger Harryproa's !   Rob can you explain if this is possible.
One other note, for you or anyone else near Annapolis, MD.  The Chesapeake Multihull Association is having a meeting this Sunday April 6, 2008 ,2PM (rescedualed from March 30) at Annapolis public library.
Happy sailing,
George Kuck
Chestertown, MD

"gardner.pomper" <> wrote:

I am considering trying to build an Elementarry to learn more about
building and proas. I have a few questions:

What is the payload capacity of the Elementarry? I am too big (300
lbs) for many small boats. Is the Elementarry suitable for me? Can I
bring my wife/daughter (only about 100 lbs each).

I am very curious about the Ballestron rig. Has that been tried on the
Elementarry? Is it part of the plans?

I am looking at the sport model, for day sailing in the chesapeake bay
(US, Maryland). Our winds run on the light side. I expect that I will
normally be sailing in 5-10 knots. Never above 15. Suitable?

I have also been reading up on the KSS construction method. Is that
what is recommended for the Elementarry? Do the plans reflect this?

- Gardner

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