Subject: Re: [harryproa] Elementarry questions
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 4/5/2008, 4:56 AM

On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 5:17 AM, gardner.pomper <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am considering trying to build an Elementarry to learn more about
> building and proas. I have a few questions:

Excellent idea.
> What is the payload capacity of the Elementarry? I am too big (300
> lbs) for many small boats. Is the Elementarry suitable for me? Can I
> bring my wife/daughter (only about 100 lbs each).
Mark and I sailed the race version and we weigh 75 kgs and 85 kgs, 160
kgs = 350 pounds. No problem with the strength otr the handling if
you overload it , but performance will suffer. It is important to
move towards the mast in the lulls to keep the windward hull light. I
would go with the cruising ww hull, and maybe extend it a little. Are
there any length or beam limits?

> I am very curious about the Ballestron rig. Has that been tried on the
> Elementarry? Is it part of the plans?

Not on Elementarry as we wanted to experiment with the schooner, then
the single sail rig. The latter worked better (cheaper, lighter, less
complex, probably faster, more weatherly, but 2-3 times the sheet
loads) than either the schooner or the ballestron. Every other proa
has had a ballestron which was far better in almost every respect than
a conventional stayed rig. Have a look at for some early
ballestron pictures, and a bit of a laugh at what happens when the
beams are not designed for slamming loads. .
> I am looking at the sport model, for day sailing in the chesapeake bay
> (US, Maryland). Our winds run on the light side. I expect that I will
> normally be sailing in 5-10 knots. Never above 15. Suitable?
Yes, but with the load you will be carrying, I would go with a much
bigger rig, if performace is required.

> I have also been reading up on the KSS construction method. Is that
> what is recommended for the Elementarry? Do the plans reflect this?

KSS is brilliant and we can get Derek to redo the plans for this, but
it more than doubles the plans cost. I have a modified technique
which does not involve any of the frames or cutting and repairing that
KSS does. It only works with rockerless, round bottom hulls, but is a
lot quicker than KSS. I am waiting for materials to arrive so I can
build a quarter scale hull for the charter boat, just to be sure it
works on bigger than model scale. If it does, it will become the
default method for all the boats as it is so much cheaper, quicker and
lighter than strip planking or KSS. The plans will be for whatever
you require. I would not be too keen on wheel steering as it takes a
lot of mucking about to get right and is heavy and cumbersome compared
to tillers and tiller extensions.


> Thanks,
> - Gardner

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