Subject: [harryproa] Liveaboard deck plan
From: "gardner.pomper" <>
Date: 4/7/2008, 9:06 AM


My earlier posting, on the Liveaboard 55, kept growing and was getting
too close to being the same boat that Rob is already building for the
60' charter version. I wanted to give this another try, cutting back
some of the feature creep to get closer to what I (and/or my wife
<grin>) needs, as opposed to everything we both want.

Along with that, I am adopting Rob's concept of keeping all the living
space out of the hulls, which I am beginning to understand better,
since it would elminate all the interior finishing, which is very time
consuming (read expensive). So, I decided to just draw the bridgedeck,
which can then just be plopped onto the appropriately sized hulls for
the displacement (oversimplification). If this is too beamy for the
length, we can just allow the bunks to overhang the ww hull.

For the weight calculations, I could use some info on what a rule of
thumb is for structure. I have about 600 sq ft of deck (since I want
an exterior walkway from the help to the windward hull) and about 500
sq ft of hardtop. I then estimate 200 sq ft of counter/bunk top and
400 sq ft of counter/cabinet sides. How do I figure the weights of
this, assuming I use resin infusion over foam, which seems to be the
simplest, lightest way to go?

Beyond that, I have the following weights (in pounds) for equipment:
12' catamaran dingy 160
25HP outboard 150
Propane Stove w/oven 75
diesel generator 350 ?
Lectrasan 25
Head 50
Microwave 30
Fridge/freezer 50
batteries 300
solar panels 150
crew 500
200 gal water/fuel 1600
provisions 1000 ?
Total 4500 lbs (approx)

So, if I want to sail at 15 knots in 15 knots of wind, what size hulls
do I need?

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