Subject: [harryproa] Re: Liveaboard deck plan
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 4/7/2008, 9:35 AM

I was wondering about the shape of the hulls. If the hulls are
completely parallel for the middle two thirds or even 3/4,4/5? and
then tapered, the load carrying is increased without going wider. I
was also thinking about how high the bows need to be for the lw hull.
I can't see why they need to be any heavier than required to have a
little reserve bouyancy at the point where the stern just starts to
leave the water. This gives approximately 1m for a 15m lw hull fairly
loaded with about 4.5 tonnes, but could be only 60cm if you kept the
kitchen sink pretty light --- In,
"gardner.pomper" <gardner@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> My earlier posting, on the Liveaboard 55, kept growing and was getting
> too close to being the same boat that Rob is already building for the
> 60' charter version. I wanted to give this another try, cutting back
> some of the feature creep to get closer to what I (and/or my wife
> <grin>) needs, as opposed to everything we both want.
> Along with that, I am adopting Rob's concept of keeping all the living
> space out of the hulls, which I am beginning to understand better,
> since it would elminate all the interior finishing, which is very time
> consuming (read expensive). So, I decided to just draw the bridgedeck,
> which can then just be plopped onto the appropriately sized hulls for
> the displacement (oversimplification). If this is too beamy for the
> length, we can just allow the bunks to overhang the ww hull.
> For the weight calculations, I could use some info on what a rule of
> thumb is for structure. I have about 600 sq ft of deck (since I want
> an exterior walkway from the help to the windward hull) and about 500
> sq ft of hardtop. I then estimate 200 sq ft of counter/bunk top and
> 400 sq ft of counter/cabinet sides. How do I figure the weights of
> this, assuming I use resin infusion over foam, which seems to be the
> simplest, lightest way to go?
> Beyond that, I have the following weights (in pounds) for equipment:
> 12' catamaran dingy 160
> 25HP outboard 150
> Propane Stove w/oven 75
> diesel generator 350 ?
> Lectrasan 25
> Head 50
> Microwave 30
> Fridge/freezer 50
> batteries 300
> solar panels 150
> crew 500
> 200 gal water/fuel 1600
> provisions 1000 ?
> Total 4500 lbs (approx)
> So, if I want to sail at 15 knots in 15 knots of wind, what size hulls
> do I need?

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