Subject: Re: Auxillary Power
From: Mike Crawford
Date: 4/7/2008, 3:56 PM

  Personally I'm very much for a system that allows for electric power without a transmission, retractability, non-exposed prop "blades", with a continuous-duty rating.

  I basically have two worries about the EPS system in particular:

  a)  It looks like the retraction mechanism pivots down, which means that there would still probably be a speed-sapping opening in the bottom of the hull when retracted.  One of the vertically-retracting models by other manufacturers would allow for the exact hull curve to be replicated when closed, creating a smoother flow when under sail.

  b)  The smallest EPS model shown starts at 30kw (40 hp), which is a lot higher than is needed.  If a Visionarry will do 8 knots at 11.25kw (15hp), you might not want to go much over 15kw in terms of thruster power.  OSSA Powerlite's "propulsion duty rated" 25kw generator weighs 546 pounds, while their 10kw generator weighs in the 150lb to 160lb range.

       - Mike

Peter MacLean wrote:
The EPS thruster in the link below is rated for continuous service and rotates 360 Degrees. The manufacturer says the are suitable for powering small yachts. They are also retractable.
My question is would these be a suitable power source, for a large 60' visionary.
EPS Technologies: Technologies Aug 2007.pdf
EPS brochure: EPS Thruster - An Award Winning Concept.pdf

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