Subject: Re: [harryproa] Auxillary Power
From: George Kuck
Date: 4/9/2008, 12:33 AM

Hello, Rob
I think it would sink the boat !  The smallest unit was  30KW !  The web sight lacked any specific specifications, weight, dimensions. and had a lot of computer generated pictures.  I expect it is only in the concept phase of development and it appears to be intended for large commercial tugs.  To drive this big a motor for any time you would need 2000 lbs of batteries or more.  If you had a 48 volt system you would need to pull 625 amps to get 30KW
It does look like a neat design but I think it needs to be downsized a bit for use on a Harrypros !
Take a look at this web sight, they have a number of units which I thinks may be more appropriate.
The aquapod that is steerable or the pod mounted on a outboard type bracket which could be put in a regular swing type outboard well looks good to me.  These look like higher end (higher priced) products than the RE-E-Power pods.  They are Brush less AC units driven by a 3 phase AC inverter as opposed to the PM DC (brushed) motors that Re-E-Power uses.  I expect the AC units are more efficient . 
George Kuck
Rob Denney <> wrote:

An elegant solution, if a fairing was put on the leading and trailling
edges of the rim. They do not suggest it as a primary prop, which
could be due to heat build up or some other reason. Otherwise it
looks like it would be great for driving a Visionarry.



On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 3:04 AM, Peter MacLean <> wrote:
> Rob,
> The EPS thruster in the link below is rated for continuous service and
> rotates 360 Degrees. The manufacturer says the are suitable for powering
> small yachts. They are also retractable.
> My question is would these be a suitable power source, for a large 60'
> visionary.
> Peter
> EPS Technologies:
> Technologies Aug
> 2007.pdf
> EPS brochure:
> EPS Thruster - An Award Winning Concept.pdf
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