Subject: [harryproa] rudder frame desgn
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 4/10/2008, 9:09 AM


I have just uploaded a finite element analysis (fea) of the beam
mounted rudder supports for Blind Date to the "Rough beam rudders &
fea of rudder supports" file in the Files section. The picture shows
the loads and exaggerated deflection of the rudder box with 7 tonnes
load on the rudder, which is what we ended up designing it for. This
is more than double the weight of the boat, so we are pretty confident
that this part won't break. The test rudder shaft took 15 tons so we
are pretty confident about that as well. Now just have to sort out
all the details.

The other pictures in the file are the test version on my elementarry.
Rough, but so far nothing has broken.

All engineering from now on will be done with fea. Costs more, but
gives a much better result, plus I like looking at the pretty
pictures. ;-)

There will be some more pictures of Blind Dates rudders on the web
update, which unfortunately can't happen until I get a password from
the web host, which comes by surface mail, for some reason.



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