Subject: [harryproa] Harryproa design page
From: "sa.figueiredo" <>
Date: 4/11/2008, 3:14 PM

Although I am multihull sailor for many years I never sailed a proa,
and I know very little about them. As I became interested in the proa
concept I started to study as much as possible via internet and proa
groups. Today, I have a reasonable idea how they work, BUT !! there is
always a "but" you wrote some thing in a article about harryproa
concept that confused me a lot. You wrote (about the steering/leeway
reduction) the following
".. but eventually simple two balanced rudders were used of a size
which eliminated the need for centerboards, which can be used
The concept of two rudder simultaneously in the water is a possibility
or I misunderstood what you wrote ? Sorry for what, might be a very
silly question.- Luis

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