Subject: [harryproa] Re: Harryproa design page
From: "chesapeake410" <>
Date: 4/13/2008, 3:34 PM

Hello Luis,

Rob just answered this in a different E-mail which you may not have
received yet, With the different time zones and delays going thou
the Internet it sometimes gets confusing. From Robs description of
how it works it would rotate 180 when you shunt. The ruder is
partially balanced with pivot point 20 % aft of leading edge. I
believe this should reduce load on tiller by 40% so you only feel 60%
of load on tiller or wheel. This sound like a good system to me.

George Kuck
Chestertown, MD

--- In, Luis Sa Figueiredo
<sa.figueiredo@...> wrote:
> George
> When I asked Rob if the rudders rotate 180 degrees it was because
I believed that the rudder's leading edge should act accordingly
with the boat direction. Good sense says –yes- but as the idea of two
rudders simultaneously in the water is something different, it came
to my mind that perhaps the rudder was balanced 50/50 which is also,
something different.
> What I envision is – when I shunt, changing the sail from ex-bow
to the new-bow I also have to rotate the rudder 180 degrees. When you
mention that a rudder balanced 40/60 will have the tendency to rotate
on its own is a good news.
> Thank you also for your explanation about the ability of the
Harry proa to self steer.
> Regards - Luis
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