Subject: Re: [harryproa] Harryproa design page
From: Luis Sa Figueiredo
Date: 4/13/2008, 9:51 AM

When I asked Rob if the rudders rotate 180 degrees it was because I believed  that the rudder’s leading edge should act accordingly with the boat direction. Good sense says –yes- but as the idea of two rudders simultaneously in the water is something different, it came to my mind that perhaps the rudder was balanced 50/50 which is also, something different.
What I envision is – when I shunt, changing the sail from ex-bow to the new-bow I also have to rotate the rudder 180 degrees. When you mention that a rudder balanced 40/60 will have the tendency to rotate on its own is a good news.
Thank you also for your explanation about the ability of the Harry proa to self steer.
Regards - Luis

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