Subject: [harryproa] Re: epoxy foam
From: "captian_rapscallion" <>
Date: 4/19/2008, 6:23 PM

As for health issues... You are right. Epoxy requires a higher level
of PPE when working with it. I'm a M.S.polymer chemist by trade; I
have a pretty good idea what the advantages and disadvantages of each
resin system are, as well as the steps I need to take to work safely
with the material.

--- In, "captian_rapscallion"
<captian_rapscallion@...> wrote:
> --- In, George Kuck <chesapeake410@>
> I realize most boatbuilders use vinylester, but it is actually cheaper
> for me to buy epoxy vs. vinylester. I can't get vinylester for under
> 50 bucks a gallon, but I can buy epoxy for that.
> Take a look at the physical properities on the SC epoxy foam. Looks
> pretty good compared to core cell.

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