Subject: [harryproa] Overall beam.
From: "Robert" <>
Date: 4/29/2008, 3:06 AM

Have been wondering if overall beam needs to be quite as wide. Are
there other advantage other than righting moment and deck area, such
as avoiding wave interference. I wouldn't have though it so important,
considering how little wake they leave. The reason I am asking is for
ease of getting through locks and marina berthing, If I have to spend
a bit of time in Darwin. 20% less beam would mean 10% less wind before
reefing, and 40% less weight in the cross beams. It should still do 14
in 15, but would have to be a bit more careful after that. My figures
give a monocoque Harry 20% narrower than normal as about the same
weight, and about 10- 20% extra wind drag. But an extra 30%-50%weight
penalty with the extra crap that comes on board

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