Subject: [harryproa] Re: Seabattical proa sketches?
From: "Herb Desson" <>
Date: 5/5/2008, 8:25 PM


I agree. That is the reason for doing a simple infusion dinghy. Both
to learn about infusion and to prove to my wife that this is not just
another hopeless project that will never be finished (can't imagine
why she thinks that might happen:-).

Unfortunately the only composite dinghy in the duckworks list is the
wave dancer, so I guess I will just have to make it up. John's site
has the basic dimensions and I can infer the others.

Does anyone have a view on the right sort of foam and fiber to use for
a dinghy? Those are the main bits missing from the site and I don't
really care if it is done "correctly" - as long as it floats for a
while it will meet my needs.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards

--- In, George Kuck <chesapeake410@...>
> Hello Herb,
> You may want to just make some test panels to start with if you
have never done any resin infusion. I have made some 16" x24" foam
core panels just to test out resin infusion and different laminates.
I found this to be vary worthwhile even though I have built a number
of boats (plywood with epoxy glass sheathing). It would also help to
have a digital scale to weigh materials and test panels. You can make
a hand laminate for comparison and then do a vacum bag or infused
panel to test you setup and get the process down. This will help you
in deciding how to proceed with a a small boat project and give you
some experience working with fiberglass and foam core or other core
> I am going to get some Nida core H8PP to test just to see how it
works. I would also like to get some polycore for comparison, does
anyone know of a source in the US ? I contacted Polycore corp. but
they said that they have no distributors in the US.
> George Kuck
> Chestertown, MD
> Herb Desson <squirebug@...> wrote:
> Rob,
> I am very interested in your Seabatticle renderings, but to save you
> replying to a lot of emails, perhaps it would be easier to upload them
> the files section.
> BTW I have finally moved to Thailand and this year will have the time
> and space to begin building - starting with a minimal rowboat to prove
> to the boss that I can do it at all, followed by a schooner
> elementarry, followed by a schooner visionarry. I am hoping that
> spending extra time making mistakes on a small scale will reduce the
> overall time by reducing mistakes on a large scale.
> I had been intending to build a wave dancer dory to start, but John
> Holtrop hasn't been responding to my emails
> Any suggestions for something similarly simple to learn infusion on?
> Best regards
> Herb
> --- In, "Rob Denney" <harryproa@> wrote:
> >
> > G'day,
> >
> > Have not had time to sort out the web page, so nothihng posted. I
> > have sent you some renderings so you know what it is about. Can do
> > the same to anyone else who is interested.
> >
> > The single deck is pretty simple. The cockpit and bunk floor is
> > carried all the way across to the windward side of the windward hull.
> > Needs to be a fairly long boat to stop it looking too boxy, but it
> > certainly works on the 18m/60'ter. The floor extends half way across
> > the bridgedeck so there is room for two big cabins, each with en suite
> > toilet and shower and island beds. The galley is also pretty huge.
> > The walkway across to the lee hull (2 nmore doubles, with ensuites) is
> > covered, and with roll down clears becomes an extension of the saloon
> > area.
> >
> > Any questions, please ask.
> >
> > regards,
> >
> > Rob
> >
> > On Sat, May 3, 2008 at 10:15 PM, rattus32 <mike@> wrote:
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > Hi Rob,
> > >
> > > Did you ever publish any sketches of the 60' charter proa? I'm
> intrigued by
> > > some of the
> > > concepts but am having difficulty visualizing the single level
> deck, etc.
> > >
> > > Mike
> > >
> > >
> >
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