Subject: [harryproa] Re: OFF LIST
From: "jjtctaylor" <>
Date: 5/10/2008, 11:29 PM

If you mean the extended Harryproa, no not built yet. Extended
slightly more to 46 ft and 25ft beam, in order to satisfy desires
by "partner" (elsewise known as the boss)to change to galley up. Rob's
engineering support firm, Netamax is contracted by me to finish the
plans, then start building right away.

But can't build too fast,.... covered hunderds of miles along the
Carolina coast to find a marina. Severe shortage of slips wide enough
for cats. Only (1) available and cost as much or more than the boat.
Have to wait for new marina to be built for affordable dockage. All
the harbor/dockmasters agree on the problem, demand is just starting to
grow. Coastal politics are also playing havoc with marina expansions so
expect in the near future to remain an issue for the US coastal areas.

I have alternative layouts if interested. With slips so tight
preferred not to push over 50 feet, difficult enought to find slips
with enough beam. Doesn't seem to be a problem for transients as end
dock space is usually available but many without services on the end
of "T" docks. So overnights are OK, just be self sufficient.

Formal plans set won't be ready for another 6 mo or so.


--- In, "tsstproa" <bitme1234@...> wrote:
> I just rejoined your news group and seen a step hull rendering
> recently posted in files section. Was it ever built? The step looks a
> little high but I guess with that shallow angle to hull it would have
> to be high. Nice rendering though. I like the step idea to windward.
> Todd

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