Subject: Re: [harryproa] Re: OFF LIST
From: Arto Hakkarainen
Date: 5/14/2008, 6:10 AM

--- Robert <> wrote:

> -Very similar to my concepts. I feel it allows more
> room below for
> very little extra wind resistance, if any, and
> possibly it ends up
> with less spray. I don't think it would take away
> from the motion or
> increase water resistance. It does add marginally to
> complexity in
> building, but I don't think excessively. Panels need
> to be joined
> somewhere, and I find it difficult in working on
> panels much more than
> the standard 1200 wide,

Shuttleworth has analyzed this very much. Two articles
I found first from Shuttleworth's website:

These should give good idea. Since you never sail
directly to wind flare gives no more resistance to
wind. Keeping flare up should make no difference to
resistance through water (could be some but I really
do not know). Flare reduces spray. Building is more
complex and some surface and material will probably
need to be added. Will it affect motion and cause
slamming of waves to underside of flare? I don't know.
Could be. Increase of interior volume should make it
much more comfortable inside the ww hull. Just don't
fill it with all the heavy stuff.


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