Subject: [harryproa] Re: New file uploaded to harryproa
From: "tsstproa" <>
Date: 5/15/2008, 1:50 PM

Yes all videos are saved in real time. Other wise whats the point.
You can here me breathing usually due to the mic being so close to
my mouth sounds like I'm panting but I'm not the mic just picks up
on it. In that video to windward you can hear the siren from the
fire truck winding down as it goes by. The down wind video is on a
pervious day with way lighter winds and the old shorter less buoyant
leeward hull. Sail was reefed the mast and boom are from another
project so left the length of mast for different configuration of
sail design.

It tracks really well with only the one board down. Varying only
slightly with the wind strength shifts. I'm trying to get an almost
neutral helm on a beam reach with board/ boards set parallel to
leeward hull. (Not) angled to counter weather or leehelm to make
model sail straight. They could have well been fixed dagger boards.
But wanted to have the possiblity of using R/C controls to see how
steering input effects this model. You can see there is 1/4 oz of
sand at the rear of leeward hull. This along with the longer more
buoyant leeward hull helped stop the rounding to weather in winds
above 12mph. In the upwind sailing video the winds are 14 - 18mph
true wind speed with stronger puffs. Models sailing weight is 6.5 oz
thats including the weight for sailing which is 2-2.5 oz in leeward
hull. So far the test findings Seem to show that I need to either
make boards longer or move boards further aft to the ends of the
hull in order to gain the same control as with sand placed on stern.

The question so far would be is it the bow down effect and buoyancy
shift that cause the heavy weather helm or just simply not enough
lateral area aft?

The sand (weight) a stern counters both. So hopefully the new longer
LW hull will have the buoyancy foward enough making is possible to
counter sail force CEO with the more lateral area aft without the

Another test!

Down wind sailing video different day different wind different
leeward hull. But with both boards down seemed to work down wind.

I'm happy with the windward hull and have scaled two more from these
findings to 16' and 24' foot lengths.

I'm thinking of a 30' squareharry or possible a rounded foam
30'harry using a 16' windward hull because 30 foot just seems doable
to me for staorage, transporting, cost etc... Seems like a length
more people can relate to too. Theres alot of lead slinging 30 foot
monos around.

Seems like a callapsible beam 30 footer for trailor use. Or even a
30'harry with a 14' beam over all, to fit in a slip would be more
feasible for most, cost wise and psychologically.

That Solitarry may look intimadating to the average (Joe) ;)


--- In, "jjtctaylor" <jtaylor412@...>
> Wow if that was saved in "real time", pretty screaming fast.
Upwind noticed the WW hull
> lift some. Did you have to reef any ? Looks like zero impact for
WW hull overhang on scale
> test.
> Thanks for the scale modeling effort. Did it track a expected or
was there any wander ?
> How did rudder depth compare to the real thing ?
> Any additional testing planned ?
> Regards,
> JT
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> > File : /Non Harryproa Information/windward hull proa up
windsailing with new
> leeward hull 2.avi
> > Uploaded by : tsstproa <bitme1234@>
> > Description : Up wind sailing with ne more power leeward
hull.Showing how windward
> hull sits and step clearence according to wind pressure and point
of sail.
> >
> > You can access this file at the URL:
> >
> dward%20hull%20proa%20up%20windsailing%20with%20new%20leeward%
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