Subject: Re: [harryproa] Re: 18m/60' charter harry. Comments please.
From: "Rob Denney" <>
Date: 5/20/2008, 1:26 AM


We have just had a telephone quote from Blue-Sea Yachts to build the 18m/60' charter boat shell (hulls, decks, beams, cabin, floors and bulkheads assembled and lpu painted) for $80,000.  A few details we need to sort out and I need to see the written quote, but it is looking pretty good, and they are certainly very enthusiastic. 

I have also made some progress on the weight budget.  It is currently 6 tonnes/tons with 8 people, their gear and full fuel, water and holding tanks.  It includes 1,500 amp hours of lead acid batteries, 570 litres/150 gallons of water, 200 litres/53 gallons of fuel,  4 large solar panels, gen set, 150 litres/5 cu' fridge and seperate 150litres/5 cu' freezer, 4 toilets and showers, microwave, 8 burner barbeque (140 kgs/310 lbs!), oven, etc etc.     The spreadsheet is only 150 items, so there is more to come, but 3.7 tonnes/tons will be pretty close to the sailing weight, with empty tanks and without food, people and their gear.



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