Subject: [harryproa] Re: Charter proa deckplan question
From: "gardnerpomper" <>
Date: 5/23/2008, 3:57 PM

I am posting to myself, this thread! <grin>

I remembered what Rob talked about with having folding chairs, decided
that we could use a drop leaf table that could be repositioned,
depending on how many people were using it. We might need to allow for
a max of 10 people, but there is a good chance that only 4-6 will be
eating at one time (maybe just that many on the boat, maybe some went
ashore, different watches, etc). So, I have redrawn my deck layout and
will be posting it as "Charter Proa deck idea(trimmed)" because this
does make it smaller. Looking for comments.

- Gardner

--- In, "gardnerpomper" <gardner@...> wrote:
> Ugh, sorry for the ugly formatting. I'll preview from now on.
> Anyway, I decided to update the PDF file I uploaded "Charter proa
deckplan idea" with the
> cut corners and added the roof. This is as good as I get, I expect.
I'm looking forward to
> Rob's rendering to show the "final" layout.
> Thanks everyone,
> - Gardner
> --- In, "gardnerpomper" <gardner@> wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have been looking at the layout of the charter proa, and the
questions about having a
> > dining table and nav station and things. It is hard for me to
visualize the ideas, so I did
> a
> > quick drawing as best I could to incorporate these other items in
the minimum amount
> of
> > deck space. Additionally, it seemed like there needed to be a way
to walk from the helm
> to
> > anywhere on the boat without traversing the trampolines (seems
safer to me).
> >
> > Anyway, I submitted the file to the uploads under "Charter Proa
deckplan idea". It isn't
> as
> > pretty as Rob's renderings, but I could not figure out how to do
it with less deckspace
> and
> > it moves the helm over to 15 feet from the windward outside edge.
The saloon ends up
> as
> > 475 sq ft (43.75 sq meters) which is alot more than before. Plus,
I had to add 85 sq ft
> (7.9
> > sq meters) of walkway just to get to the beams, so that you could
cross over to the
> > windward hull.
> >
> > I can tilt the nav stations and trim the corners of the staterooms
a bit, but that doesn't
> > gain me much (probably looks a bit better). Anyway, I guess the
question is if this is
> gong
> > to end up too heavy, or if the beam would need to be widened?
> >
> > Perhaps all will be answered in Rob's next renderings, but I am
impatient. It seems that
> all
> > this is necessary in a charter that people will be on for a month.
> >
> > - Gardner
> >

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