Subject: Re: [harryproa] Re: low cost carbon fiber
Date: 5/23/2008, 11:00 AM

Aloha Mike,
I have seen people use a ply of uni, then another ply laid at 90 degrees. If memory serves, the VECTOR automobile was built using that method. A great deal of the new F-22 and Joint Strike Fighter are built using that method. The difference is they are using PEEK, PPS, or other thermoplastic matrix systems. I have some experience (not as much as I would like) using PPS and it was very forgiving. We could get nice results using alternating plies of uni.
I have not seen many people using alternating plies of uni with epoxies, vinylesters,  or polyesters. Most people using epoxies (myself, Boeing, Airbus, and Lockmart included) still use a few plies of uni along the load axis, then a ply of cloth laid at +/- 45 degrees to support the uni.
All of that leads up to......It sounds good and some people have done it with good results but I don't have enough experience with that method to say. I STRONGLY suggest that you make some test panels using uni only, and some with uni and cloth and test them to destruction.
Be rigorous in applying the same forces to both panels and taking notes. Put up the results for others to look at. I am VERY interested in your results.

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