Subject: [harryproa] Re: Wiring and water runs?
From: "jjtctaylor" <>
Date: 5/24/2008, 8:07 PM


All kinda depends on KW and voltage of the electric drive, (assuming Rob chooses that
propulsion) 144V like African Cats, then not so big a problem to be some distance from
drive. 48V Re-Power and others then better practice to locate batteries near the motor.

Still are issues like 120VAC genset or some DC generator to match the drive. Lot's of
choices and difficult to optimize. Balance too are concerns, genset in the middle that's
good, where do the batts and fuel go to balance ? Although genset needs seawater
cooling so requires a pipe into a hull and pump somewhere. Could fit NILAR NiMh or
Lithium batts under the other lazarette. Done that way on some other hybrid cats.

Generally you are correct high current devices should be as close as possible to each other
for cable weight.

My boat is much easier than Seabbatical. All consumers in the WW hull, all power
producers in the LW, Conduits along the beams for AC, 12/24V DC, all else is done in the
LW hull, including Air conditionin. I'll use a hydronic chiller and pipe it over to the WW
hull along same conduits.

Hydronic cooling is a clever option for Seabbatical. Chiller Compact from Marine air is
only marginally more costly than self contained but would make install very flexible.

Easier to snake smaller hoses than big ducts and Marine air recommends on large installs
to have two chillers, redundancy if one fails but also have added capacity for quick cool
down then one shuts off. Could be very sweet system for charter clients.


--- In, "gardnerpomper" <gardner@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering how the wiring will be run on the charter proa. I have
> gotten the impression that the deck floor will be a single foam cored
> panel. Will there just be conduits attached to the "top" of the floor,
> or along the walls, or will it be embedded in the floor itself? There
> is always a tradeoff between keeping it all out of sight, and still
> having access to it for repairs.
> On a related topic, I was also thinking about the wire runs for the
> genset to the batteries and electric motors. I assume the batteries
> will be in teh windward hull, for the ballast, so there will be long
> runs to the electric motors in the lw hull. If the genset is on deck
> for easy access, then it would seem that you have very long cable runs
> for very high amperage circuits. It depends on the specs, but aren't
> we talking about 100' or more of 00 or bigger cable?
> I don't know if it is premature to talk about this, but I am curious.
> - Gardner

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