Subject: [harryproa] Re: ECO Wings
From: Mike Crawford
Date: 5/31/2008, 12:32 PM

   Is AYRS article on the Omer sail, or a different one?

  Proadude posted a link to the Omer soft wing sail back in march:

  It's a great design, but unfortunately it doesn't look as if it will shape itself with wind power alone, and actually uses hydraulics to form its shape.  To avoid that complexity, I'd probably go with a normal fat-head una rig on a track, or with a wharram-type soft wing gaff sail with a deep luff pocket.

  There's also an interesting soft wing sail at:

  There's not much information there, though, and it looks like it might have issues when reefing.

  I'd just love to see a reefable soft wing sail that doesn't require special systems to maintain shape, but I haven't come up with a design myself, and I haven't yet seen that magical combination elsewhere.  There was one fellow a few years ago who claimed to have done it with a somewhat flexible batten system, but his web site is now down.

       - Mike

captian_rapscallion wrote:

Not sure id anyone is a member of AYRS - but there was a great article
on a soft wing sail. It is similar to a junk sail in the sense that it
was fully battened.. That type of sail might work well with a
telescoping mast.

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